Ernie’s Covid 19 Guidelines

Cornnavirus- lifting of lockdown

This document is under constant review and may change without notice.

Please read prior to booking and or staying at Ernie’s Plot caravan Site, we take the responsibility of our guess seriously. Ernie’s Plot will reopen on the 4th July in line with government guidelines.

These protocols are set to inform myself and guests on the measures that are being put into place around social distancing on the site, from booking your stay through to departure.

All guests are requested to inform Nic on 01308 424070 if they have displayed any symptoms within in the last 7 days prior to their stay on site. If a test has been taken and returned positive, i will require the guests to cancel and rebook at a later date when members of the party have tested negative.

Site Facilities

Currently toilets / showers will be open , how ever this may change without notice. All guests staying on site are strongly recommended to have access to their own private facilities .All pitches will still have access to electric hook ups and water. the grey water and chemical waste disposal area is available for use. At the back of the information shed we have put out blue roll and the appropriate disinfectant for you to clean off the electric hook up and tap on pitch.

Dogs on Site

Guests are welcome to use the dog walking area, but are responsible for their own social distancing for them selves and dogs.

Social Distancing on site

Pitch spacing is considered to be such that people have enough space to enjoy the surroundings without having to have close contact with any other guests staying on site. ON entering and exiting the information shed please make sure you gel your hands. there is also a gel point out side of the Toilet / shower, for you to use on entering and exiting.


Safety is a partnership between both parties and guests are expected to;

Be responsible for your own safety and well being.

Be responsible for social distance between other guests

Ensure all notices and guidelines are adhere to, to provide their own PPE as necessary and to dispose of used PPE responsibly in the bin provided at the back of the information shed. Ensure that all rubbish is disposed of in the appropriate bins located just out side the shower block. Inform Nic of any Coronavirus related symptoms on site or after departure via email or phone.


All bookings to be made online or phone prior to arrival. All payments to be made via online banking or cheque. Guest will be issued with a copy of the guild lines. Contact details, of at least a email address and phone number, must be provided.

On arrival , Please make your way to a free pitch, if you are un sure please call. Guests must depart by 11.00 all rubbish including discarded PPE, must in placed in the blue roll bin on the back of the information shed.

Guests with confirmed or suspected Coronaviris or become unwell on site, during their stay, will be asked to remain in their own accommodation with windows open for ventilation and contact NHS. 111 via their own phone for advice and instructions, 999 if their condition worsens. Any one with suspected covid 19 Dorset County Hospital requests that Personal waste ( tissues ) disposable cleaning cloths can be stored securely within disposable rubbish bags. the bag is to be placed in side a second bag kept safe from other waste, in which you are self isolating. these bags are to be kept aside for 72 hours, before putting into the rubbish bin. Communication with guests that are in self isolation will be carried out by phone,, text or email. Guests that become ill after leaving the site, Public health England local health protection team will contact Nic to discuss, instruct, on any actions or precautions that should be taken.

If requested to do so I will release full name and contact details of guests , to any duly authorised body. who are treating, tracing patients or suspected contacts with those who have or may have Covid 19. Guests will not receive prior notification of this release of data and by booking give their consent.